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"Course Advisory"

When a there is a "course advisory," does that mean that it's required? I know it's not like a prerequisite, but it seems like you have to get a counselor's approval when it has one of these. Like the class I'm trying to take says that the course advisory is "eligibility for english 1." My counselor from Wood said that you could be eligible for it automatically if you got an A in english 12p, and you wouldn't have to take the english placement test... but I haven't seen a counselor! Honestly guys, I think I'm screwed. I waited waaaay too long to decide, especially since I was originally planning on starting in January anyway. Well, my main question was whether a course advisory was required. Thanks!

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It should say in one of the SCC books they mail out.

What I believe course advisory is, you're right, not required, but you'd have a better understanding/the class is at a certain level. They use the English classes, because if you're in English as a Second Language you're definitely going to have a hard time in a Chem. class. Get what I'm saying?

If you got an A in AP English at Wood, you'll be fine.